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Carey Rose O'Connell

 Writer & Poet

Writing and creating was something that came naturally, yet was not a true skill until I took the time to practice, inform and collaborate with others to find the niche at which my particular talents could best be used and given. Since 2011 I have made both creative and brand writing a focus of my work and continue to in a variety of forms and mediums.

I see writing as the opportunity to foster the strength of our own vulnerability through the words that become the story for the reader

Writing samples

prompt writing

Prompt: In the dark...

In the dark, the crescendo of our breath turning the air into an oven. Drops of sweat making puddles for our souls to splash in. Telling a story of ghosts and skeletons, inspired in each expiration.

Prompt: Wearing Orange

Sitting in a puddle of oily red compost, turning chestnut soil into crimson pond. Bleeding, it creeps against gravity and crawls toward my golden rodded center. Mixing into a whirlpool of primered knowledge, fired soul flashes wearing orange.

Prompt: Straight Ahead

I write straight ahead, no longer curving my words into circular conversations. I watch as the ampersand of yesterday's moments sprinkles through the looking glass of today. I can see beyond the crag of the tilda at my feet and imagine the shifted future from a controlled delete of alt. Each click of a key, the turn of a step toward the journey I have written in black font on a glossy display. I write straight ahead.

Short Stories - Prose