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Barefoot: The Poet's Cut


Sitting on the corner barefoot
Meshed into the cement gutter
Life floats by in a trickle of water

Whitewater ride to the sewer
Carrying off listed choices
Washing in the raven's voices

Sitting on the corner barefoot
Watching painted sides dry
Highlighting the great divide

This or that, more or fewer
Options tread on free
Coating the flesh of carelessly

Sitting on the corner barefoot
Watching with etch a sketch eyes
Bystander to the lines of time

The Poet's Cut

Sitting at the sidewalk moments can always give us a moment to let go of what we conceive as time to accept the impermanence that life is filled with. This poem was written in April 2012 when I more fully accepted the fleeting we fear in life. The image is from the original post, taken and edited in my sidewalk moment.