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Polishing Pebbles: The Poet's Cut

Image Carey Rose OConnell

Hardened earth enters the soul
Of both shoe and heart
Adding its own layer to the whole

The jagged intrusion gives ache
A new burden to add to the load
Alerting its presence with each step I take

But I continue forward through the pain
Each impact of pace changes its shape
And its resistant surface starts to wane

The more I walk the less I notice
Molding to the new curves I create
Looking down, my shoes now soleless

My skin feels the surface beveled
A culmination of my perseverance
Polishing not just one, but a path of pebbles

The Poet's Cut

As my favorite Sufi poet Rumi said: "If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?" - This piece was originally written in July 2011 inspired by the gritty journey of self-exploration and the after effect beauty of the journey. As the snail goes...I chose to pair this image, taken in 2015, to give image to the journey of self, one that is best taken slowly and with patience. For all those on the road with me, my love bubble to your steps and hopes we all arrive.