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Blended Identity: The Poet's Cut

PoeArt Photography by Carey Rose OConnell

Housing circus tent canvas
Embodying all the clowns
Pointing out oversized flaws
Trading time in metaphors
Affixed on needless battles
Paradox of hating self
Arrives a summed conclusion
Risibility gets clean
Accepting bend of seven
Pieces will make up the whole
Affected by denial
Partitioned by grand design
Shamed of our natural curve
Hinged by the ringmaster's call
Indigo painted faces
Nounally we stick labels
On the surface of our dreams
Kindle for three-ring fires
Hanging out of big top seams

The Poet's Cut

This piece was originally written in October 2011 after I read about 'The Law of Seven', a.k.a 'Heptaparapapshinokh'. Seven when looked as a blend of 3 (spiritual number) and 4 (material number) seemed to ring true to so many other self-awareness principles I had been studying and I love finding commonalities! What we look at as our negative is still part of self and must be loved for our enlightenment.

This piece is an acrostic based on the name Heptaparapapshinokh with some additional homage by holding to 7 syllable lines. I paired this with an image taken in 2016, ironically in the elevator of a government building and so it felt so fitting to the metaphors.