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Climbing Helix: The Poet's Cut

Image by Carey Rose OConnell

the mystery of out
same in turn, moves not forward but up

with every bend lessons closeup
mind's circle turns about

each pass recycles doubt
standing in pointed spin not enough

see the pattern and fill the cup
choosing the ladder's route

circled trap spirals out
erasing all that stands in the bluff

unraveled chords write the song of trust
once heard, never without

The Poet's Cut

This piece was originally written in December 2011 in a structure of form poetry I invented in May 2011 called, Hyper-Thrice form. Here is a bit about the form scheme:

All Tercets, minimum of three, no maximum, when adding must always be in threes.
Syllable: 3,6,9 9,6,3
Rhyme: R,a,b b,a,R
In this form the rhyme and syllable layout is strict

I have invented five forms of poetry, more about the others in upcoming blogs so make sure you subscribe to The World Poetized RSS.  The process of creating form poetry meets my analytical tendencies that can interrupt creative flow. Much like the turns of life...while at moments it takes vision it more often takes action to get to the top of our spiral. The image paired was taken in 2017 of a morning glory vine twisting and reaching for the sunlight. It felt helical to climb with the eyes.