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A blog by writer, teacher and producer, Carey Rose O'Connell, highlighting collections of poetry, image, and philosophy supporting self-awareness and human evolution. 

Collective News for Evolving Humans

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Truth, peace, love, fair...we continue to use these words as if they have only a singular definition. The reality of human language and how it's interpreted demands that we understand that these words have a definition for every person. We are at 7.6 billion give or take...when we say just "love" or be "peace" we must understand that each person will act out and interpret "love" and "peace" differently. An evolving humanity requires an evolving language.

evolving.human on paper.li exists to pull together the various voices, perspectives, and prophets that are helping usher in our next era that speaks beyond platitudes and from self-awareness. It is one small way of adding a ripple of elevated communication into currents of global dialogue.