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Disorganized Society - The Poet's Cut


Mulling around
Feet over head
Vessels stranded aground

Shoulders of lead
Weight of the world
Fibrous temples, weak thread

Lassitude curls
Pin laden bones
To the grave, life force hurls

Disorganized society awaken

Hearts turn to stone
In fear we drown
Stitched stories we have sewn

Burdensome gown
No lesson pearled
Naked truth, the lies fall down

Energy swirls
Consciously spread
Pours over angered burl

The Poet’s Cut

This piece was originally published in August 2011 after attending a myofascial and trigger point class. A wonderful teacher provided me with profound insight of the body, our true temple, and how disorganized we are in our own basic structures. The discussion surrounding her clinical theories of the nervous system gave me a deeper understanding of our connection in the flesh and bone realm and how it lays a distinct example of our shared system vulnerabilities.

"If you don't structurally fix it, it just won't change" ~ Alyce DeChant

The image was taken in February 2015 in a city walk. I love the street art in Albuquerque, NM, this wall has been up for years in our downtown. I do not have the artist name to credit, but will add should I discover.