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and then there was self...


I am a late bloomer in modern standards of career orientation...okay a few other areas too, but we will focus on professional direction as the purpose in sharing today. It wasn't until I was in my mid-thirties that I even began to give serious thought and, more importantly, action to what skills I needed to most cultivate and give something authentic with my time. Over the last six years I have made it my mission to grow this awareness and my persistence was answered. Slowly (my impatience insists) I made connections, discoveries and steps to find what strengths I am most able to contribute to my personal joy and the greater good. 

I recently reflected on the foundations I have created and felt the overwhelming sense that it was time to go all in and show my faith in what I have built or risk compromising it to mediocrity and partial gains for the next decade. Did I really want this hard work to fizzle instead of bang? Admittedly, it helped that during this time channels that bound me to environments and roles unmeant for my future vision began their own version of collapse. The truth is we never make these kind of leaps when things are good, easy or even just status quo. It can be the easiest thing to stay in a situation than face the reality that you are better off in whatever unknowns may exist after the separation. 

Significant changes are not uncommon in my journey of self discovery and this is just one of many times I either watched an element of my daily experience leave or let go of it so that my vision could continue. I had a teacher tell me that one must be "ruthlessly selfish" to walk a path of enlightened awareness and it was one of the most beneficial pieces of knowledge I have accrued. In order to best be there for others you must care for yourself to the highest standard.  I do not share this flippantly and do so only after I've done my own deep levels of personal development. To live in the purest health for self, we must have a willingness to accept the loss of connections that do not have the capacity to co-exist with our best environment. We must be able to feel confident to say "no" when something or someone is not in alignment with our own value and purpose. It is caring to view the whole connection and understanding that forcing energy into a situation with too small of a capacity is unhealthy for both sides, walking away is sometimes the most compassionate thing we can do for a connection.

So, ready for a self-sustaining life with a good grip on impermanence and a multi-channeled foundation, I move forward knowing that I can believe in all that I have created to support these daring steps taken. I share this today not only because I feel it is important to show recognition when we choose a forward step of significance, but to also hope that by sharing my steps other brand owners will see that they too can fully realize their vision and create the support needed to live by their work. 

Vision is only half the effort required to build a life supported by your brand, only when it's pursued with tenacity and everyday actions does it become a true vehicle to manifestation. I have many to thank for supporting me as I walked into my current steps and look forward to lending the bounty of skills I've accumulated to those pursuing the growth of their own personal expression. To learn more about brand consultation packages available please check out my RoseBrand page!