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Superhero: The Poet's Cut

She cracks the reins of horse-drawn waves
and creates the thunder song that howls in
the night...

I cover all things with my kiss blown wind,
tossing hair into eyes forcing all to blink again.

I imbibe all of your salty tears, straining pure
the oceans that will swell into life-giving years.

I take all of your pain and roll it in my psalm,
planting a single seed of next seasons leaves.

I gnaw your fears into a silver lined powder,
spitting out star made stories to rewrite the sky.

In dulcet currents of my breath, I spark your
phoenix fires, flashing out the fuel of futile desires.

I am all of your symbols equally combined into
the image of one and a reflection of each I can become.

I can speak with the tongues of three, cantillating
each of your soul songs simultaneously.

Feel me press my fingers into your pushpin
cushioned hearts, percussing them into unison
and calling all the lost.

Upon the sunrise she leaves the first clouds making
paper doll reminders in the morning sky and those that
heard her nightly tale gaze at their shape until melted
by her eyes.

If I were a superhero, this would be my story...


The Poet's Cut

Originally written and published on September 24, 2012 Superhero is one of my favorite reading based poems. I enjoy the transition a poem takes from written word to oral performance and have found that not all are meant to be taken into reading. This one however crawled off the page and into my microphone! Choosing an image to partner was a choice of several, finally made on the self portrait created in 2015 as an expression of all that powers through me.