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Tea With Lonely: The Poet's Cut

Lonely sat with me
as I swirled clouds into
a cup of gray seas

There opposite of me
as I wiped raindrops
from my falling speech

Lonely spoke to me
you look beautiful
wearing desperate pleas

There across from me
as I dipped my fingers
in the taste of woefully

Lonely sat with me
as I read the past leaves
you will always have me

There present with me
as the last sip lingered
I felt the company

Lone is the we of me

The Poet's Cut

Originally published on Jul 11, 2012 with the image shown with today, I wanted to share this write due to the wonderful imagery it provides to the liberation I found from the horrendous stigma of being "alone" we have created as humans in our thinking. I've said recently this year that I have fell deeply in love over the last 5 years in the most profound and impactful relationship I have ever had....and it is with myself. 

Alone becomes lonely when we are fearful of being silent with time. Concerned with feeling bored, unsure, undirected as we have built a system of belief over time that this leads us into poor states of being. I challenge this as a false premise in our beliefs and assert it is the resistance to this silence that creates the poor state. When we embrace the result of what the current moment is, whether it be excruciating or enlightening, we move through it and discover new channels of thought, awareness and creativity.

As a writer I am never blocked, only brewing the next words...sometimes that takes silence, as does the experience of learning who we are at our deepest levels. As a final note I can share this valuable lesson from my tea with lonely...

If you can be with yourself, you can be with anyone.