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Dismantled Persona: The Poet's Cut


There they wait, lecherous for a hot bawdy flaunt
She stands in kind, a something new with them to taunt
A spotlight shows her frown

Stoic and statuesque, the beauty is disgraced
A tune begins to play, a tug to the first lace
Happiness then falls down

A slight flesh is revealed, they cry out in desire
She slowly spins, this time around, she burns in fire
Fear falls to the mad hounds

The trial drags, bearing her witness, hers to daunt
She graces the stage, her feline ways, spirit gaunt
Sadness falls without sound

The melody plays, the onlookers now red faced
She glides and slides, vacantly, lost without a trace
Denial falls, lost crown

Momentum is built, the hungry beasts make her pyre
She dangles and shakes her wares, moment lost to sires
Anger falls, they astound

Holding the final bits of grace, the stage she haunts
She drops them one by one, knowing soon they will jaunt
Greed falls, dance pretty clown

With the last of her canvas fallen, now replaced
She dances her final motions, a new embrace
Pride falls, moment profound

Never again will she fall to simple desires
She is there, bare, only herself will she require
Standing in acceptance

The Poet's Cut

This piece was written in 2011 in a form of poetry I created named "Thrice Form". It was a time when I was enjoying the synchronicity of three in my learning and experiences and as everything does with me, three came out in this form. The form is designed as follows:

Composed of all Tercets, minimum of three, no maximum, when adding must always be in threes
preferred syllable count 12/12/6 but can vary as long as you stay in a syllable count divisible by three
Rhyme scheme: a/a/c b/b/c d/d/c if repeating then the rhyme scheme should start over and loop back to Tercets 1-3 and carry on throughout

The image was taken in 2015. I chose this to pair with this particular piece due to the source of the marble. In a wonderful lecture about self awareness we were given a clear marble and told...."always roll in your translucent". On my journey finding the strength source of vulnerability I had to shed much of what was my once exterior.