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Pluming: The Poet's Cut


the uncomely bird
traveling the skies
wishing, wishing, wishing
comely along the miles

cerulean pool oscillates the sky
image of the dream
seeing, seeing, seeing
foul and serum osculate lives

diurnal intention of becoming
cleansing in the purity
diving, diving, diving
nocturnal dreams of a second coming

quadrivium circle converts
feather into beryl crusted bloom
being, being, being
beholden of the virtue preserved

The Poet's Cut

This piece was written in 2011 and holds a special place with me even when I read it again today. It is a piece that speaks of the changing, the evolution of a life. The peeling off of the old to unveil the new. The blues, the flight, the sky all the symbolism of the free I was unfolding within myself. 

The image was taken later in 2014 though the thought of the moon dressing full and undressing to new each month, its own way of pluming against the backdrop of the bold blues in the sky seemed to fall perfectly to these words.