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Image originally shared via @canyonhaus

Image originally shared via @canyonhaus


What is happening now isn't the typical politics of party ideologies fucking up what is influencing our policies. What we are witnessing is the breaking down of our current systems and as frightening as it seems, we do it every evolutionary cycle of capacity growth in human consciousness. Human thinking is too far apart, we have tribal fears still trying to exist as modern unified thinking has entered the stage. Nothing will be "okay" or "the same". In noetic and social sciences we have found the human race kills off about 25% of itself to evolve in consciousness, that's 1.8 billion people today folks and we have thus far always chosen pain.

A large majority of our population is not aware of this type of evolution, as there isn't a Darwinian monkey to man drawing of it and religions have separated the masses from their individual vision, though it has existed to propel us forward through the vibration of our free will since our very beginning.

As one of the 16-20% of people that are shifting into or fully aware of the knowledge and science behind the way we behave and engage, I speak and see for the greater expansion that is occurring and it is the responsibility of those that are aware to sound the words and vibration of what is no longer viable and reasonable in our thinking.

The aware ones are here for the purpose of calling out what no longer works and there will be no apologies as we are not here to save what is now broken and unfit for modern humanity, but to seed the ideas, passion and integration that is necessary for our species to evolve as this one collapses.

The aware will watch as both the aggressors and the complicit destroy all that we've known and will endure the tragic losses to stand together on the other side of this evolutionary cycle to become the founders of the next modern way.

This is not the time to unify with thinking that is trying to hold onto irrelevant value systems, our role is much greater, as the aware ones live the now, for the longest extension of the journey of the entire universal system holding us in form.

Send peace, love and thoughts of joy to and for all beings in time and space. Be well my friends, stand up for integration and the health and joy of all life. Do not live in fear in the face of what the majority of our population is creating now as we are co-creators and hold the great capacity to saturate the experience with our awareness that power is greatest when given to each human to explore their ideal version of self, inclusively and freely.

Stand up for each other, don't quiet when witnessing harm-making. Boldly cut it apart with empowered words and carve in vision with your joy for what will become in our next great steps. Stop violence, stand a front it and call it out for the coward it is, shock complacency, sing so loudly they wake to the harmony of self-awareness.

Be bold! Be empowered! Be aware!

Love bubble 💕