Radio Eyes: The Poet's Cut

Radio Eyes: The Poet's Cut

There among the lonely people,
I sat and spoke with my cells
until they told me to split.

As I tuned into their words,
I learned how together we fit.

No more stepping through interplay
six feet into my mouth.

Now I float above the cursive waves
of this jump house ground.

Never want for love,
as I know how to make mine bloom.

My efforts purposed and made
in the strength of congruent truth.

I respect these words and know
they come to me because of grace.

And slide off the catachresis I've
used to hide my radio eye gaze.

I pull these letters from the curve
of my open south palm.

Letting each tap me out of this
incubation, my dreams born.

Plugged in to siphon the
lyrical links of we.

I open my channel to share
the station of finding peace.

The Poet's Cut

The image was originally taken at a trip to The Very Large Array (V.L.A.) in New Mexico in April 2012. Later that year in October the image took on some composite editing and as often occurs with me...poetry soon followed. When published on the original World Poetized blog this piece was titled "In the Links" though the image was always titled Radio Eyes and putting the piece back into the world on the new World Poetized home today...the title split finally found alignment. 

Streaming: The Poet's Cut

Streaming: The Poet's Cut

Lost: The Poet's Cut

Lost: The Poet's Cut