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Watched: The Poet's Cut


I watched the sky
turn to ice from auburn
as the raindrops played songs
that sounded like names

I felt the breeze of night
tickle my knees
as I lingered in thoughts
of being kissed red

My pores teared wishes
in the nights balmy embrace
as the sudden flares of lightning
shone the visions of your face

Black light clouds against
starlit heart, patient to ignite
I opened my pane to the winds
of change, branching out my desires

Lullabies of thunder chimed
the final bell story told
as I felt the surrender of fear
into three oceans of hope

The Poet's Cut

Originally published with included image on August 14, 2012 this as many of my poems from the time is often attributed to romance; while yes it is romantic, the words lingered only for myself in its construction. During this time, and still, the primary relationship I focused on cultivating and growing was with myself. It has been a great learning to become aware that growth in my relationship with "me" was the only path to becoming the person I want to contribute to all my relationships as a "we" and so it goes day by day, poem by poem...and the love grows deeper.