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Imaginals: The Poet's Cut


this chrysalis
breaking down
borders and powers
falling crowns

pupal stories
embryo to fin
the sessile forces
change in winds

we the imaginals
sync in vibration
intended growth
of cycled transformation

new disks marry
overturning old blocks
leaving only exuvium
of dead man thoughts

The Poet's Cut

Many have added metaphorical and communal words to the story of "imaginal cells" in creatures such as the caterpillar, these imaginal "disks" of the butterfly hiding within the helix until the perfect moment in which their unison vibration and multiplication allow them to overtake their old form and become the new way. When hearing a telling of this metaphor I wanted to put my words towards this beautiful opportunity that currently presents itself to we the imaginals.

It also felt a good time to revive this poem and original art, published first on July 31, 2012, as a sequel to the piece "Resistance" and current global system events. I wish to clarify and affirm my current perspective and voice to these changes quickly overtaking our sense of "everyday normalcy". It is challenging to separate those that follow an individual such as Donald Trump and we must understand that environment, experience and capacity affects each uniquely and no perspective is "wrong", to do so perpetuates the futility of right and wrong making and the energy that fuels these bombastic figures.

Yes we will resist all that presents harm to humans, yes we will use our voices to stand up to individuals, groups and systems and promote harm to any one human and we must find ways to speak out without ostracizing and casting judgements of others. We have to aim for the high road and if you get lost into an argument...recognize, accept, amend to your best capability in the moment and choose out. 

It is a difficult balance and I admit falling into the fear energy of it myself as I have processed these systemic shifts across the world. After a unexpected, enlightening conversation I was recently joyful to experience, I affirmed within myself that we can be resistant to harmful policies and compassionate to those that see policy differently. Modeling this is the most vital energy we can commit to now.