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These Things: The Poet's Cut


These things…
They feed the souls desire
These things…
Awakened by an inner fire
These things…
Wrapping up my seems
Giving truth to all my dreams
These things…
Wet blades of grass at my souls
Laughing when dark times fall
Sweet delights patient to unfold
Crying today for the world tomorrow
Hearts pulse beating my drum
Nourishment from walking in the sun
Fitting in your arms like a glove
Writing my words in love
These things…
Each come and go
These things…
Bring moments of growth
These things…

The Poet's Cut

Originally written in April 2011 I was becoming much more active and aware of everything sharing the moment with me. So often we drudge through our days consumed in thoughts of either past or future moments and miss the great opportunities of spending time with all the other elements of our current experience. It was giving attention to "these things" all the things that made up each moment that opened all the knowledge and discoveries I was seeking about myself. 

The image was taken later in 2014 and for me captures the magic that presence adds to even a simple walk.