There: The Poet's Cut

There: The Poet's Cut

There she is
she has entered
finally exiting her
long captured field
of nothingness

where she dwelled
among my fear and filth
residing in feast
chewing it all
up into emptiness

until the shallows
the shallows, so hollow
so vacant, until they were
so barren I could finally
hear her

ring out, suddenly
she was there and I heard
and I listened
I thankfully listened
I listened

to all her calls, her messages
her visions, all her tall told tales
no matter how, odd the mission

I kept listening until I began
to hear more
hear in other ways
hear with more
than just an ear
an ear so simple it allows in tones
and gives access to your bones
this is not where the sacred hear
they hear
here and
here and
here and

this is where they hear
not here and so I
let go even more
to the brilliance
of this quiet journey

about my purpose
about my future
about why I am here
to live
to breathe
to feel
to love
to dance
to do all the things
I never have felt
never heard

because my mind was overwhelmed
it carried me away from home
it left me unavailable
to all that was possible
for so many years

and before I felt the sting of ego
interfere, a moment of clear
the sense of emerald lights
glistening from my chest
stinging my skin in its wake
it is there

showering me in love
sending a pulse across my flesh
giving away to a flood of ethereal mesh

that I could feel giving my cognitive
mind a time to sit back with proof
and unwind, in this I created
it could not dispute
all of its gone, it's consumed

mutated into pure light of God
pure life of grace, pure light of all
gracing one race, that of human
the one that is ready
to rise above ruin

and claim its inalienable right
to live among the angels
and dance in the starry skies
at night

this gift is our present
walk in it now and feel her presence

The Poet's Cut

Early on in my steps into poetry and self-expression during 2011 I had my first experience of a fluid moment of streaming consciousness during creative practice. In a time of stringing poems in my birdcage out poured “There”.  Once out on paper I knew it would be the first that I word record as a reading and only made minor edits from the original flow. 

Poetry reading is an extension of the medium that I do enjoy and wish to continue to evolve in my poetic journey. 

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