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I love you, period: The Poet's Cut


I dip my soft bristles from root to tip
You, the consummate well for my ink
Stirring around your deep colored spirit
Harmonious match, I long deeper to sink

Gliding exit from your glistening embrace
Now onto your supple flesh I play
Tender canvas to soak in love
My abundant brush begins to sway

Sealed by the falling dust of stars above
The final touch, an adoring finish
I love you, period
This beautiful truth will never diminish

The Poet's Cut

This piece was originally written and shared on May 3, 2011 and was very much my way of shifting seductive language to soulful context. Over the last five years I have had the fortune of having a great love affair...with myself. In this time of discovery I found the same frequency of intimate fulfillment and joy occur within me, through me in ways that we often believe can only be given to us by another person.

In the use of this language I wished to show the love, the affection and the desire I felt within my own-self for my own-self, were attainable and because I've learned to create this within, I will be a stronger source when I am able to give it to another. 

The imagery chosen was actually an impromptu sketch from a local class of the Parent Meditation program I developed. When selecting an image for this piece it most reflected the lover of my experience in self.