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The Hearts Soliloquy: The Poet's Cut

O, that you could see my devotion
O, what an incredibly daring notion
To walk with you, united as one
Yet here I sit, unheard and ignored
Muted in your chaos, I continue to knock
Knock, knock on your core
Beat, beat on my drum
Dancing in the moment, awaiting discovery
Born in the awareness that we are one
O, what a glorious time it will be
When your minds eye casts its gaze on me
To hear my praise, to know my love
Our flesh bound together, destiny's glove
O, that you could see my devotion

Poet's Cut

When I first began tuning and sharing my poetic expression I found it very helpful to join online poetry communities, like dVerse Poets Pub, who I highly recommend and is still very active. I enjoyed these groups due to the writing challenges and knowledge they offered about form, techniques and style. I recommend to anyone that is trying to develop their online voice in poetry and creative writing to consider places like the pub. 

Originally written in March 2011 this was in an effort to write a Soliloquy form poem and because the love of my life at the time was the newly budding relationship with myself it was quite introspective. I wanted to capture what my heart beat had been singing even amid the time I ignored the sounds. 

The image was drawn by me and jazzed up graphically in 2013 after a meditation. I never did quite find the right home for it after it was drawn, fitting it here and there in my media, though now it feels it has found the words in wanted to pair with all along. I am grateful choosing to do this series of work has brought them together.