Happy Clients


I am so pleased with Carey O'Connell at Rose Brand Consultation. I initially hired Carey for a three month stint to help with the social media campaign leading up to the launch of our podcast Frijoles y Arroz. This is prior to having any content other than a script. She did such a great job of branding and getting the word out that I have kept her on the project to manage our marketing efforts post launch. To give you an idea of her reach, aside from the U.S., we have followers in England, India, Canada, Australia, France and Azerbaijan. Estimated audience of our top followers is 1.7 million, pre-launch. If you want someone to help you brand your project and get your name out there I highly recommend Carey O'Connell and Rose Brand Consultation.

- James CharlestoN, Breaking the Cycle Films

"Carey Rose is a dream to work with. Carey Rose brings her own unique curiosity, empathy and well-researched expertise to every project, always providing creative solutions on how to make our project stand out in today's saturated digital landscape. I would not hesitate to hire again or recommend Carey Rose!" 

- Lily Johnson, Film & Commercial Producer

As my social media consultant Carey Rose O’Connell has been an incredible teacher in assisting me to create a web presence for my business in the last two years. Carey Rose has made learning about all-things Internet easier. She is clear, concise, and generously forgiving when I need her to repeat what needs to be done. Her knowledge about and her ability to navigate all things Internet amaze me. Carey Rose is prompt, considerate, and verbally articulate. What I also appreciate is her willingness to say she doesn’t know something when that is the case. She will research and do what it takes to do a job right. I hope she stays in her business for a long time to come. Carey Rose O’Connell is simply a very good human being and anyone should feel blessed to get to work with her.

- Wendy Foxworth - Owner, Foxworth LLC

As our Producer of Marketing and Distribution, Carey has handled all of our marketing content including websites and social media. She has done a stellar job on everything we’ve asked of her. A true gem!

- Kathleen Messmer - Managing Partner, Anvil Springs Entertainment