Parent Meditation

Achieving Personal Evolution Through Self-Query

In 2011 I chose to step into myself and I chose to stay awake for each step taken from then on out. Always being of a curious nature with an independence streak I did the work of waking up in my own unique way. In that time I researched, explored, did some learning and found myself using a process of self-query as I went about a very "Goldilocks" way of testing what was being presented as spiritual works.  I often found concepts and teachings interesting, reflective and many would often rail into various depths of inauthenticity, revealed as I grew in my self-reflection and in question of the teachers. This is not a pejorative of this information or those delivering it, just a truth of the consciousness teachings in many 'new thought' channels are filtering through in current time.  

I became aware that filtering, contrasting, looking for multiplicity and similarity were skills unique to humans and just like many forms of meditation I was also beginning to realize that we weren't really using them to their full capacities. The existence of self-query as a method of personal therapy is by no means a new concept or discovery of my own. How and why I do the type of self-query I developed and implemented over the last 7 years is quite unique to my own voice. It became clear to me that I had compiled a definable, relatable, adaptable and most importantly awake and action based method of personal development. A way that helped me have a relationship with myself that opened more than purpose, it opened the path. It fit human nature because I conceived it in the deep examination of human nature and I want to share it with as many other humans as I can. 

I am editing a manuscript that provides the method and the philosophies that define this self-query concept. I've taught the method both formal and informally to a variety of ages and am continuing to cultivate simple conversations that help me articulate it in a broad way. Its name, Parent Meditation, in short, was given in simple terms because this method is the process of taking care of yourself. Knowing you are the parent, you are the child and only you can understand your who, what, when, where and why. There is a bit more to the name and you can read more about that when my book releases! 

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