Opening Consultation

Opening Consultation


Let’s get to know each other and see what can happen for your brand! This opening consultation provides you with a one-hour meet and greet to discover what you most need for your brand. Following our session, you will receive a project bid that includes:

  • detail of work

  • total project cost

RoseBrand was created to work with brand owners and entrepreneurs that often feel brand marketing, training & analytic support are not fiscally viable. If you are growing a brand in the arts, film and entertainment, self-publishing, alternative health, or other entrepreneurial industries, I have the background and creative insight to help you find the voice of your brand.

Don't hunt around for your niche alone! Modern branding is happening in a busy, loud marketplace. I can help you find the right microphone for your audience!


A brief introduction of consultation rates for RoseBrand Consultation Services, LLC

  • A project bid is provided following the Opening Consultation.

  • Making media development and consultation accessible to those that most need it to grow their brands is part of RoseBrand’s mission. The release of developed content can occur should a payment plan option be chosen for invoicing, please feel free to ask about this option in the Opening Consultation.

  • Special discounts on the total project cost are available to non-profit organizations. Please ensure to let me know if your brand is a registered 501(c) or other charitable organization.