~The exchange of words with other humans is truly a gift. I enjoy connecting our commons through unifying and cohesive language. It has been a wonderful journey capturing time in poetry and watching it bloom into the opportunity to truly live my passions while supporting others through so many various channels. Your time here, no matter how long is in my appreciation  ~ Carey Rose O'Connell

I spent a lot of time trying to be a square peg forcing herself into round holes for many years...it is nice to have cultivated my expression since 2011 into something that feels like just the right angles I had been seeking. What began as a focused expression through poetry has evolved into a multiplicity of works that harness the sum of the contributions I am making to our collective knowledge.

  • Supporting brands with media consultation, research, development and training has been a rewarding experience that continues to grow! Learn more about RoseBrand Consultation Services and see how, together, we can bring out the brilliance of your brand!

  • Poetry continues to flow as a way of expressing the moments I catch traveling through life. My original blog, The World Poetized, has been consolidated here and I look forward to continuing in the image, social media-driven works that so eloquently capture time.

  • The personal development practice of self-query I created, Parent Meditation, continues its development for distribution by a book that will provide both the method and the philosophy and remains a daily practice and passion. To start my initial introduction of this methodology I’ve launched the Evolving Human video blog.

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