Parent Meditation

a method of self-query for achieving meditative state in everyday experiences

In 2011 I was stepping into a bold new choice in my life and decided started taking responsibility for my role in it. Because the influence stemmed from a deep personal desire to know who I was and being void of any background in both religion and therapy, I was a blank page. In this state of blankness I was free to hear what was necessary for my understanding of both local and non-localized existence, who I was within this form and what I best able to serve out in this human experience. 

Over the last 4 years I've developed a method of self-engagement by query that allowed me to understand what within me was creating my response to the experiences I was having and why. This engagement opened me to seek out a multiplicity of information regarding personal and spiritual development through the use of meditative and therapeutic practices. What I found in this journey was a great need to both understand and action personal responsibility for my experience. It was no longer about what was happening to me but how could I positively change was what happening through me. 

The culmination of the work I have done since those first steps came from an understanding that what I had developed for myself was to become what I could teach to help others grow into self-empowered, relational conscious lives. I was fortunate enough to take the method into the classroom, holding two classes at The Center for Consciousness Education from May to August of 2014. CCE did close its doors, though a founder Wendy Foxworth is now carrying on the work of education in human consciousness and relationships through the evolution of Foxworth Institute for Relationship Education.

Introducing the name Parent Meditation for process of self-query to the world is unique in its articulation and it was of great importance that these classes occurred in order to cultivate how this could be made conceptually achievable for other individuals.  Concluding the work in the initial classroom, the remaining words needed to make a cohesive program of meditative experience were gathered and I am now in process of completing a book that provides both the method and philosophies of this practice. I am in my third revision and continue to cultivate effective, evidenced material.. My mission is to see this practice be as helpful as possible to as many people as possible and so the writing continues!