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Branding is simple and that's what makes it complicated! My purpose is to provide the support small business and independent brands need to innovate, inspire and transform their brand relationships with the consumer market. Regardless of your industry I can help your knowledge translate into a successful and adaptive brand platform! 

Brand Optimization

Brand Optimization


Organizing your website, social media pages, and online business registrations are vital for a high performing brand platform. Ensuring every channel has aligned, accurate information is essential to improving your search engine results. These are not hard tasks, but they take time and nuance for researching consistently changing trends. We understand our clients often do not have the time to dedicate to this work and are excited to offer this affordable, optimization package! Within 10 business days of your purchase you will receive:

  • Prepared, keyword and hashtag lists customized for your brand
  • An overall score of your online presence 
    • See what is working and what needs to be tweaked
  • A list of recommendations to optimize your search engine results that stays current with engine algorithms

By purchasing this service you will be provided exclusive discounts on our market analysis and development packages!

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This is any and all media related to your brand name. A brand platform includes business cards, websites, brochures, and Facebook pages, to name a few. Today, technology is changing the landscape of brand marketing at blazing fast speeds. If you are building your own empire, ensuring you have a powerful media platform is essential. That's where RoseBrand comes in!

Cancellation/Refund Policy 

Consultation Service packages are purchased at the time of booking consultation services and can be partially refunded should our customer not be satisfied with our attempts to mitigate, mediate and resolve their concerns. For invoices greater than $1,500.00, a mandatory deposit totaling 35% of the total package is non-refundable. Packages under this amount can be fully refunded if we cannot resolve your concerns.