I paint the moment with words

I first began my poetic journey formally in 2011 by taking my words online with my blog The World Poetized. In 2016 I have merged this forum of expression here in a new version of The World Poetized blog and will complete a series titled The Poets Cut, which include my favorite pieces from the original blog from 2011-2015 with a bit of background to the inspiration and intention by myself, the author. I have found that micropoetry, short form, customized for social media and often defined by image has been my ideal medium and am excited to see where the energy takes me in the months to come now combined in resource.  

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The publication of Snapshots was my opening step into the self-publishing world and an experience I look forward to keeping with me as I work on my next self-publication of #PoeArt titled: ViewFinder

Poetry Readings

Not limited to #PoeArt I also enjoy writing in traditional form as well as creating new forms of poetry. Form poetry allows a chance for my mental analysis to participate in the creative expression process. In creating forms and longer poetic expressions I found recording readings of my work to be an channel of poetic exchange I enjoy and seek to broaden through The World Poetized. One of my readings, Journey in Inches was recently featured in a collection by Blue Sky Highway™ (BSH), in "A Kaleidoscope of Music, Sound, and Spoken Word."  

Other of my favorite readings include:

I am currently putting together a compilation of poem readings titled: Where the Lions Dwell for production and distribution via online download. 

Walking Enchantment

Walking Enchantment is a collaboration with Photographer, Kathleen Messmer, to blend our mediums in a expressionist view of New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment. 

Inspiring #Art4Causes we are taking the concept of blending forms even further by donating a portion of the earnings made from the project sales in multi-media presentation of both books, slideshows and a live exhibit to charities that our supporters help up select. A donation to us in turn a donation to another. 

We are holding an ongoing fundraiser through crowdrise.com to support the continued travel, production and publication costs of the project. Those interested in nominating a charity can do so on the Walking Enchantment webpage

Making a donation and sharing our project fundraiser with your social media communities will support both artistic expression and charitable effort of organizations dedicated to helping causes many often forget on a day to day basis.

If you have a charity that you want to support through your creative expression we encourage you to use the #Art4Causes hashtag in your social media campaign. What a wonderful trend to see make the reality of our global conversation. 

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