Writer, Teacher, Producer & Brand Consultant

Media Portfolio

Media portfolio of sample work by Carey Rose O'Connell a writer, teacher, producer and brand consultant. 


Media Portfolio

Examples of content and graphic media created for clients created by Carey Rose O'Connell


FAcebook Page support

For some brands an entire website may be too much to manage and for their purpose. In consultation with clients I encourage them to look at what they need and have the capability of actively managing. For those looking to keep their sites on small scale, having a Facebook Page act as your primary website can be a great way to create an online presence in a platform that makes sense for you.

Those with an online website presence should be active on Facebook and the reasons are countless! Here are just a few:

  • For no monthly cost it gives a brand access to an audience size unable to be reached by traditional advertising means
  • You receive a wealth of knowledge about your brand language and marketing techniques from analytics and audience demographic information
  • It is another source to refer people back to your website, critical for good site activity and search engine optimization

Regardless if a Facebook Page is primary or supplemental in your online presence, making it an active part of your platform will only enhance what you know about your brand effectiveness! Check out my RoseBrand page to learn more about my consultation, training and analytics for your entire brand platform!

Website Development

I believe that to be a strong brand consultant it is important to understand the very skeleton of the platform that is analyzed. Along with developing my own site and brand media platform, I have offered website development services for specific clients. While website development is not part of my current consultation packages by RoseBrand, I do have a well experienced understanding of not only the work that goes into a website build, but also the unique nuances necessary to have end user appeal. 

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Site Design & Content Development

Anvil Springs Entertainment

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Site Design & Content Development

Kathleen Messmer Photography

mixmedia development

Often my clients have all the components of media they need and it is only a matter of teaching them how to organize and make the most of their current marketing materials. There are times where a client may need a bit more media to make their online presence impactful and in those situations I am able provide basic logo, media design and video editing to help give that extra touch to their brand platform. 

  • video editing & development

Video Teaser for feature film projects by Anvil Springs Entertainment

Video Teaser for the film "Meeting Charlie" by Anvil Springs Entertainment

Video Book Teaser for the novel "Volcano" by Author Karina Evans

  • Logo & Ad Media Development