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Seven Questions to Consider about your Customer's Online Experience


You may have heard, there have been significant changes by Google that AGAIN shift efforts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I found Forbes provided an easy to understand explanation of the changes and impacts in a recent article

 "How To Bounce Back From The Google Fred Algorithm -- And Prepare For Future Updates"

So let’s talk preparation! This is a positive change for independent business owners working on small budgets to grow their brand exposure. A focus on content quality and end-user experience means posting without compromise. The first priority returns to focusing on the language of your brand and consistency across your marketing platform.

Reaching your customers will now happen through balanced marketing. What is the virtual environment you are providing your visitors? This is the new foundation of successful SEO. My advice to business owners as you develop your content delivery is to be considerate. Take a moment to look at your content as if you were a brand new customer. Here are seven questions to consider about your customer’s online experience: 

  1. Where does my attention go when I arrive on the website?
  2. Is it easy to learn about the brand’s purpose and products or services?
  3. Am I drawn to click on anything when I view the page?
  4. Do I find myself struggling to read any of the content? (Notice things like leaning in to read, squinting, manipulating the page to see all the content on my mobile device etc. etc. If you are doing it so are they!)
  5. Does the language on the page flow and stay in alignment with the brand topic?
  6. Is it easy to find location and contact information?
  7. Does the experience match other brand outlets such as Facebook, Instagram etc. etc. 

Positive user experience is what search engines, like Google, are reformatting their algorithms to look for. The more people enjoy their experience and content on your site the more rewarded you will be in search engine rankings. 

This is not the end of keywords, it is the end of manipulating keywords. The work of SEO still needs to be part of your brand management, but if it is not relevant to your brand topic and content then it shouldn't be in your SEO. 

If your online presence leaves you overwhelmed, you are not alone! It is not that any of this is particularly hard…its that it is high detail, time-consuming and ever-changing. Luckily this change by Google shifts trends toward simplicity for business owners. Focus on clear explanations of your brand and products.  Know that simplicity has great opportunities for customer experience when done well.

Remember who you are and why you started your brand when developing your marketing. Keep the passion of your first days alive in your heart. Never compromise your customer experience and you will navigate the role of SEO with success.

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