~The exchange of words is truly a gift and I enjoy opening through unifying and cohesive language. I listen to the moment and allow the harmony to present in conscious awareness. The words show me the structure they wish to build and I am the carpenter of the final temple that brings them home. It has been a wonderful journey capturing moment time and one I look forward to seeding love for many years to come. I am in gratitude for all the connections made through these words, seen or unseen, it is in this ripple we will see the butterfly that is to come next.~

I spent a lot of time trying to be a square peg forcing herself into round roles for many years...it is nice to have cultivated my expression since 2011 into something that feels like just the right angles I had been seeking. What began as a focused expression through Poetry has evolved into a multiplicity of works that harness the sum of the contributions I am making to our collective knowledge.

Poetry continues to flow as a way of expression the moments I catch traveling through life. My original blog, The World Poetized, has been consolidated here and I look forward to continuing in the image, social media driven works that so eloquently capture time. 

The practice I developed, Parent Meditation, continues its development for distribution by book that will provide both the method and the philosophy and remains a daily practice and passion. 

My worlds as a social media consultant and beginning documentary filmmaker collided in a beautiful synchronicity and I have the great joy of working with Anvil Springs Entertainment as lead in PMD/Communications. This is an inspiring journey that is about to unfold into a great adventure in both my personal and professional journey. As this has become a key focus of my work I have chosen to end my thread of social media consultation on an independent level at this time. 

I am grateful for the time spent with my expression.